About me

My name is Abdul Adil,Developer and an independent security researcher.I was MSP(Microsoft Student partner) a community for student developers from the schooling or college and share knowledge,develop apps by Microsoft.I have done and achieved Certification in OCJP,CEH.

I love to code in C/C++,Java and many more.And also do little bit of research in the field of information security.My favorite magazines are Open Source for you,Java magazine,Pentester magazine,Club hack magazine,And reading online resources like java code geek,MSDN(Microsoft developer network),C# corner,Python Documentation,thehackernews.com,null.co.in,Mozilla developer network,oracle documentation ,Garage4Hackers Forums ,Khan Academy and many more.Also took free and awesome courses from reputed universities  like CS50 from Harvard university,Open security course from http://www.cs.fsu.edu,MIT,Nptelhrd(IIT lectures),Standford CS .Every month 3rd or 4th week on Saturday i attend Null meets an open security community where there will be the talks on new attacks , prevention and you’ll get a chance to make new friends .And many other conferences and meets like JUG-Hyderabad,CSI.

Happy coding …!

Alternative Email:adm1nBB0f@outlook.com
Thank you,
Abdul Adil,
Programmer,Information Security Researcher & Ethical Hacker.
Be +ve you will succeed.


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